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We could say a lot of good things about ourselves but listen to what our clients say.

Sammie Riar
Conquest Financial
3251 Poplar, Ste 30
Memphis, TN 38111

Dear Sammie,

We would like to thank you for helping with our financial problems. We were seriously unable to see light at the end of the tunnel, but with your help our stress levels have dropped tremendously. It feels great to be able to answer the phone without worrying about a bill collector being on the other end of the phone. Eliminating late fees and overdraft charges alone is almost like getting a raise.

We would also like to thank you for being honest, straightforward and not just telling us what you thought we wanted to hear. You never promised us what you could not deliver, never told us we qualified for something we didn't and never got our hopes up for something that couldn't happen.

Being self-employed, we have had a hard time managing our business and personal finances because we never know exactly how much money is coming in every month. We have a much better understanding of what we need to do to accomplish our goal of being debt free. We have never been good at managing our money, never had much of a savings account and we have always been skeptical about financial advisors, but if we had called you years ago we would be so much better off now and so much closer to financial freedom. With your help and Money Management system, we can finally visualize debt free living in a much shorter time.

We look forword to a long lasting relationship with you.

C & D

Want to hear more...


I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your help. I had been afraid for some time to try to get help for the mess I had gotten myself into with my credit cards and my house. I was embarrassed, and I thought that I was beyond help.

Now I can sleep through the night without waking at 4:00 am to wonder how I am going to get everything paid this month. I actually can put money back, and have an emergency fund for when things come up. You have helped take a load off my shoulders that I thought I had to live with from now on. I have given your name to all my friends, and would gladly recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you again!

OK one more...

Having heard the Wake Up Crew on Rock 103 Radio talk about Sammy and Conquest Financial for the last few years, I contacted him when face with the prospect of a house and car payment each month without the added income from child support which will soon end. Sammy thoroughly reviewed my financial situation and we decided the best course of actions for me would be to refinance my mortgage. I had only bought the house on year ago, so I was not sure this would be beneficial to me. However, Sammy was able to refinance my mortgage so that not only did I pay off my car, but also lowered my monthly house payment, resulting a monthly payment of several hundred dollars less, with very minimal out of pocket expense. Sammy took care of everything!

I would recommend Sammy and Conquest Financial to anyone needing help with their monthly expenses. In fact, I already have to several co-workers.

Thank-you Sammy!